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Born in Lake Charles, LA, Wild Bill loved to take things apart and put them back together in his own unique way. His uncle introduced him to Harley's at the tender age of two by riding him around on his Harley Davidson Sportster. At three years of age, Wild Bill received his first Harley Davidson bicycle. By the time he was nine, Wild Bill spent his time collecting bicycle parts and creating chopper style bicycles. Once a bike was put back together, Wild Bill would sell it to the neighborhood kids, who loved his one of a kind cycles. This began fueling his love for customizing bikes. He was fascinated with anything that had two wheels and knew he could create something to improve the performance and look of the ride.

During this time, he was also riding and racing BMX and dirt bikes. He traveled all over the region racing bikes and earning multiple trophies and plaques in the process. Wild Bill was named Texas III region champ on several occasions.


At age 16, Wild Bill left home and headed for Hawaii with $250.00 to his name. When he arrived in Hawaii, he realized it was "cement city". With his last $20.00 he took a ride on a pedicab.

The driver took him two blocks and then charged him $20.00. Wild Bill was in shock over the cost of the ride. He gave the pedicab driver two choices, "Either teach me how to do this job or suffer the consequences for trying to rip me off." Needless to say, the driver told him how to get the job.

Having to learn every street and hotel in Waikiki, Wild Bill passed his licensing exam to be a pedicab driver in less than a week. Within six months he owned his first pedicab and within a year he owned the company with multiple pedicabs and drivers. He earned his nickname "Wild Bill" from the police in Waikiki. They would see him riding wheelies up and down Kalakaua Avenue and spent many days chasing him down on their cushmans.

Never losing his desire to create new and unique products, Wild Bill customized bicycles, mopeds, and motorcycles. He worked on his own personal rides and those belonging to his friends, when he wasn't running his pedicab company. Sunday riding through Hawaii was a way to celebrate his day off and looked upon as a ritual.

In 1988, pedicabs were kicked off of the main streets of Waikiki and Wild Bill decided a change of scenery would be nice. After detours in Florida and Colorado, he landed in Houston, Texas. In 1990, after being inspired by an episode of Gilligan's Island, Wild Bill had another brilliant idea for tourists in Hawaii. He called it a "Tuk-Tuk". This motorized cushman with grass thatching and bamboo was the newest rage for tourists in Hawaii.

Moving back to Hawaii with his newest creation, Wild Bill built two more Tuk-Tuks for the streets of Waikiki. After operating his business for six months, the state of Hawaii decided to revoke his license and removing his Tuk-Tuks from the road. Wild Bill, not being one to take defeat lightly, sued the state of Hawaii and won. This allowed the Tuk-Tuks to once again, travel the main streets of Waikiki. Wild Bill also expanded his business to limousine and taxi cab service.

Still escaping the norm and wanting his creations to be enjoyed by all, Wild Bill invented and patented the Zoomer, a motorized pedicab. The Zoomer allowed pedicab drivers to take tourists around the island through the main streets by keeping up with traffic. Wild Bill was showcased on Hawaiian T.V. stations, his Zoomers were given away as contestant prizes on the Price is Right and Wheel of Fortune. He also designed and patented the Zoomer Jr. for tourists to rent and tour around the island without a pedicab driver.


After designing parts and customizing motorcycles since 1985, Wild Bill decided to concentrate 100% on his love for bikes and designing custom parts. . He needed to fulfill his burning desire to customize Harley's with his original designs and to make each bike unique and crazy. His goal was to never to create two of the same bike.

Wild Bill had a knack for desigining one of a kind products that he would patent. One of the first was the Dragon Wide Drive for Sportsters. This patented true center wide tire kit for Sportsters allows a 180 tire to run on a stock Harley Davidson Sportster frame. "Why stop at Sportsters ?" he thought. He also patented the Dragon Wide Drive ST for Softails. The Dragon Wide Drive ST allows you to run a 240 tire on a stock Softail frame.

His wide tire kits are true center and made with the best material and few welds to offer you the safest ride as well as the trickest designs. Wild Bill's billet wheels are cutting edge and can be custom designed with the customer's specifications in mind. His rim designs are wicked and innovative. His custom rims can work for all choppers, not just Harley Davidsons. Wild Bill also has side mount license plate brackets, as well as many other unique parts for your bike.

Today, Wild Bill is fulfilling his dreams and the dreams of celebrities, professional athletes and everyone who wants to ride a one of a kind original Wild Bill customized chopper. Whether purchasing the latest patented 250, 300 or 330 bolt on kit for your sportster or a softail kit, commissioning a chopper for your business, buying the patented original swing arms or investing in a Wild Bill kick ass, adrenaline pumping head turner, you know you are the owner of something valuable on several levels. You have something that is a work of art in and of itself, you have something that others will enjoy viewing and you have the peace of mind knowing that you have invested in a one of a kind Wild Bill original.

Speaking of original, Wild Bill's love of art transcends bike building and has stretched into the realm of more traditional art for your home or office. Various metals are his medium of choice and his gallery showcases sculpture, wall art, photography art and commissioned pieces. Make sure to stop by and visit the showroom downtown and see what all of Nashville is buzzing about.

Tirelessly working and dedicated to creating new ways to make your stock Harley look like no other, Wild Bill's Underground Chopper Garage and Art Gallery is the only name you need to know.

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This page dedicated to the loving memory of my daughter, Courtney Alexandra Leilani who blessed us with her beautiful life and angelic smile. You are loved.


Daddy's Little Angel - built in Courtney's honor.

This page is also dedicated to my amazing son, Aiden Kai, who may follow in his daddy's footsteps to become a Master Bike Builder. Daddy love you.